Friday, 2 March 2012

Statistics - February

Greetings and salutations!

Here are some more stats for January and February. I'm keeping the numbers and figures secret for now, but I can share percentages. Everyone loves percentages.

So, as at 1 March 2012, here's some stats for you. Get ready to continue to be statted to the max!!!
  • 37% of people I meet are women
  • Therefore 63% of people I meet are men
  • Again, I cannot be 100% certain the above statements are true, but I am going with my general views on gender. I normally can tell who is a man or a woman. Normally....

Now, the next stats are based on my own opinion of people. I am not conducting a census poll, so I am guessing people's ethnicity and age, based on what they look and speak like. I will publish some of my more opinionated stats at a later date, such as ethnicity and age. But the stuff I am more accurate with I will mention now. I am certain of those that have beards. Unless they have fooled me with a fake beard!....

  • 26% of people wear glasses
  • 10% of people have beards (yes. All men)
  • 47% have brown hair
  • 16% have blonde hair
  • 16% have black hair
  • 11% have red hair
  • 10% have grey hair

And onto the music
  • 10% of musicians I have found are carrying brass instruments
  • 16% of musicians I have found are carrying woodwind instruments
  • 74% of musicians I have found are carrying string instruments
  • 0% of musicians I have found are carrying percussion instruments
  • 32% of musicians I meet express no interest in joining an orchestra for the challenge (the "no"s)
  • 52% of musicians I meet express possible interested (the "maybe"s)
  • 16% of musicians I meet express a positive interest in joining an orchestra (the "yes"s)
  • Therefore, I would say that I have a chance of getting 68% of musicians involved. Of this group, 70% give me their details (with the other 30% of interested people just taking the website).
  • Also, of these musicians potentially interested, only one third (yes, 33%!!) respond back to me. This success rate is staying the same. Only 1/3 of people I contact actually respond to me.
  • 0% of the people who take the website details get in touch. So I'm starting to realise giving the details out is a waste of space (but I will not give up hope!!)
  • Of the musicians that actually respond back, 75% of them are happy to be placed on a roster and get involved with the project.

So...based on this information, you could say I have an....wait a minute....a...

  • 1.6% chance of finding a brass player
  • 2.5% chance of finding a woodwind player
  • 11.7% chance of finding a string player make a full symphony orchestra..I will have to meet....1,950 musicians!!

So, based on last month's figures, you can see that the success rate is increasing, because I now need to meet less musicians. Good news, eh? Only 1,950 musicians.....