Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ridiculous month of red tape

OK, well, this was definitely the weirdest month for the challenge, and also the one as you can see where I didn't actually do any updates. This is due to three main factors:

1 - I have been working over in Sweden, recording the new album
2 - I have been working relentlessly to arrange venues and also filming in Winchester all the non-underground stuff
3 - I have been "working" on trying to get TFL onboard with the project

So it's basically a month of phone calls and visits. Not saying I haven't found musicians. That's still much fun and got a fair few interested in February. But still having to work on half speed until the above is fixed. Boo urns.

Good news though - the mayor's office replied. Described it as an exciting project and withed me a lot of luck creating the orchestra. Then put me back in touch with TFL, thereby completing this loop of red tape. If I don't get a response soon, I think I'll have to just guerilla everything. Not one person I speak to on the tube appears to have an issue with what I'm doing. And many strangers also ask me questions about it, and enjoy the idea of what I'm doing. Yet TFL seem to panic that it's going to be really bad for their brand. Ah, I just want to run around the underground finding musicians and playing music. I don't want to sit in board meetings showing pie charts and graphs.

Although, saying that, maybe it's time for some more statistics!!!.....

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