Thursday, 2 February 2012

A small poem

Dunno why, but this popped out yesterday after being on the train.

Down the escalators again
A ritual I am now used to
I close my eye to the people coming up
Running after them isn't easy
I get to the platform, everyone waiting
Not me, I'm on the hunt
I move up and down, surveying everything
Two policemen are here
Do I look suspicious?
The train arrives and I scan each carriage as it passes
Like a badly formed terminator looking for it's target
I board the train, passing through people
All busy
Reading newpapers, books, kindles
Listening to music
But not an instrument in sight
It will be a long day
At every stop I get off and move to the next carriage
Scanning and reviewing everyone I see
I see more than most now
But still no instrument cases
Exhausted, I get off and wait for the next train and start all over
On one carriage I see the two policemen again
Surely I look suspicious by now?
They don't care
I continue on my quest, but still no instrument cases
No obvious musicians
A cute girl plays with her headphones
She looks at me
We smile
I wonder what it is I am actually really looking for....

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