Sunday, 29 January 2012

Admin, admin, admin

Well, the first month is nearly over, and I've realised that I'm not working on this project as muchas I should be. There's a number of reasons for this

1) TFL have yet to give it their full support/blessing/go ahead.
Now, I don't want to get tied down in the debates about freedom to do what you want and red tape/beaurocracy, etc. But I do respect the transport system and don't want to do anything that might p them off. So I'm trying to get at least somewhere with that first which will then make me feel better about doing this challenge.
2) TFL have yet to issue a permit to film
Maybe partly due to point 1. Considering there's meant to be a documentary about this, it's meant that I'm reduced to video diary footage. Also means none of the vids I've seen the guys make can be used until they sort this out. All footage needs to be cleared by TFL before being shown. More admin. I'd like to be able to get some authorisation to go with the film crew and let them follow me around. It'll be great footage, but alas, still waiting. If anyone from TFL/anyone who knows people at TFL are reading, please help. I'm certain that what I'm doing puts the public transport system in a great light. But alas, everything needs clearance. I've also written to Boris about points 1 and 2 (see next post)
3) We don't have the venue.
I hate to let this dictate the challenge, but it's a pretty big part of it. If we have nowhere to show, it's over. We've got some meetings coming up and I'm confident this won't be an issue, but what happens if all of the venues do turn out to say no? Should the challenge stop? Can I change the venue? How much does this matter? Any thoughts anyone?
4) It's 11 months away
Well, less. But I'm realising that it's a snowball effect, so it's something that most people are tentatively providing details, saying they're interested. It's a long way off. And I guess a lot of people aren't certain where they'll be.

So I'm not putting 100% into finding people right at the moment because of these four main reasons. There's a few other reasons too (out of town, busy performing/writing, feeling low, etc) but in general I'm trying as much as I think I need to. once these 4 points (well, three really) disappear, I'll be on the case.

So much admin! So much organising! I just want to meet musicians on the tube and play music (not on the tube, TFL, I know this is not legal!) :)

So, it's all admin and no fun for me at the moment. But at least it's keeping me busy. And I'm confident that this will work. Just with a LOT more work.....onwards and upwards!

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