Friday, 6 January 2012

The first week - Ups and downs

Well, this first week has been a fairly crazy one. I always struggled with the lack of sunlight this time of year, feeling a lot more run down. And dealing with heartache and loss at any time isn't easy. But this combination, coupled with the amount of challenges and tasks I set myself, really took it's toll. I'll be honest. There have been times I've thought about giving it all up. Just not bother. But throughout my entire life, through all the different pieces of excellent advice I've received, the one thing that stands out the most to me is the simplest:

If your head and your heart agree, never give up

I guess it's common sense really. But something we all forget. Sometimes, quitting is good. But if you really believe in something, hold onto it and try to make it work.

I have had to have this mantra many times this week. I have fallen on more than one occasion. I've struggled to get out of bed, not really wanting to face the day. But when I do, I always realise how awesome things can be. And these challenges have started to give me the discipline I'd forgotten I had. I am starting to feel more like myself, and even through all the bad and low points, I've never stopped believing that this thing is possible.

I love realising your dreams and aiming to fulfil them. The journey is by far the best payoff. I've been contacted and had support shown from people all over the world, strangers I never knew, and without me really doing any marketing. I've had The London Symphony Orchestra show support and tweet about it. I've had film-makers want to make documentaries (lucky old Mr Barnett for getting there first!), had people want to help sort out shows on The London Eye, been given good contacts at the top venues in London, had The Strad magazine do a story on me. It seems everyone is spreading the word for me. I can't be grateful enough for this. It's truly humbling. And whilst I may be trying to climb this mountain alone, it's heartwarming to know that there's a sea of people willing me on and helping me. I truly hope I don't let you down.

So, moving to the weekend, and a vast array of musician-hunting, I have learned the following:

Don't approach strangers and ask where they live. It's creepy.
Don't search for ANYTHING during rush hour.
A flute is going to be like the holy grail. It's hidden in bags and almost impossible to find!
I need to get something laminated. Everyone trusts a laminate.
I am glad I went into this journey unprepared. The learning curve is brilliant.
Sending physical gifts to people is really rewarding. I will do more of this.
The internet and social media are a great tool
However, I rely on the internet far too much in my day to day world. So I'm writing letters again.
My handwriting has become atrocious. Lucky I'll be practicing lots.
Breakfast is good. It is my friend.
I never needed to bite my nails.
It's ok to stumble and fall. It's the not getting up that's bad.

Onwards and upwards. I look forward to meeting some of you on my travels.


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