Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 10 - Easy to number when you're in January....

Well, it's been a fun and hectic time doing this. I recently had my first real turning point in the way I do things. I saw a guy just before going into the Underground station and made a real snapshot judgement of him. I thought "he's carrying an orchestra instrument but he doesn't look like he'd be interested in this type of music". So I walked on and think about whether he's going to come into the station.

As I'm waiting at the platform, he comes down the escalator and goes to the other platform. I consider going to see him, then think to myself "there's no point". No point? There's always a point! So I get on my train and sit down. But I couldn't excuse this feeling that I'm being a coward and making excuses. At the last minute, as the doors were closing, I ran back out and onto the other platform. Spoke to the person and they actually seemed interested. They knew other musicians too who would love the project. I spent a good few stops chatting to this person.

I was nearly a coward. But realised just in time that you never regret the things you do in life, you just regret the things you don't do or give away.

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