Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mini-challenge update

OK, time for a quick update on these challenges. I won't give a big update that often, but just want to show that even within a week you can do so much if you apply yourself.
1. Have breakfast 90% of the year
I've done 2 out of 4 days. 50%. Rubbish stats! But hey. I woke up late on New Year's Day (who didn't!) and I forgot the next day. I've really struggled with my appetite recently, so this is actually tougher than I thought. Wait a minute. I sound like a toddler. It's just breakfast. I will do this. So, expect 50% to turn into 70% by the end of the week. I aim to be on track by the end of the month.

2. Stop smoking tobacco
I've not put a cigarette to my lips since New Year's Eve. You see, because I have developed this amazing contraption using McDonalds straws and just suck the smoke through them! Not really. I've actually given up properly. I haven't smoked and won't. But I'm stressed. And it feels like this isn't helping. But with all the heartache and grief and other stress, it's actually hidden quite nicely. Like one of those bills they put through in the senate, stapled to another bill....

3. Meet 5 friends I've not seen for over 1 year
I have already arranged to see one family of friends I've not seen in a long while. I have to spend the evening with these people. It's not just a "say hi" moment. We have to spend the whole evening catching up. I look forward to doing this with some amazing friends. A little gutted I'm doing this part on my own, but I know I'll feel much better about this soon.

4. Learn German fluently
This one is too soon. I will start it in April. After I've done challenge 11.

5. Exercise 3 times a week
I have exercised once this week. I ran to the pub. I don't care what you say. I was out of breath. It counts! Looking forward to more swimming, badminton, cycling and football. My brother's helping me with this one. I'll be done some more exercise this weekend and tomorrow.

6. Perform on Jools Holland
Not got the first clue how to start this yet. I'll have to work this out soon I guess. C'mon I have 12 other challenges on the go!

7. Do archery
I have a great friend and musicians Gaz Brookfield who it turns out is qualified to teach archery. And our other musician friend Shed Judd is also up for doing this. I think I might form a small band of merry men. Will sort out a visit in February to an archery course.

8. Finish the new album
Scheduled a trip to Sweden to work on this mid February. Looking forward to this a lot.

9. Tour with full band (12 musicians minimum) for at least 1 week
I am in talks with a few promoters across the UK about playing, possibly in June or July. I want to do this when the Olympics are on, because the underground is out of bounds for me during this period (too busy and no filming). So I'm confident something can occur with this.

10. Stop biting my nails
I've bitten one nail - when it split, and just to remove the bit before filing it down. I actually started this a week before NYE. So I'm doing good. I actually have nails growing. It's weird. I feel like a bond villian, tapping my fingers on the tables.

11. Perform on the London Eye
I am in talks with a few people about looking to do this in April. Watch this space.

12. (Secret challenge to be revealed later)
I've probably talked about this a lot to some friends, and to the one who it affects most. It's still happening. It makes for a good story. They're worried for my mental health but I feel I will be fine. Just once in my life, I want to do something daringly heartbreaking and romantic. And funny. Set in space. It's not often you get all of those characteristics floating together, so I have to do this.
Right, there we go. Only halfway through the week, but as you can see, other than one challenge, I have really got on the case with all of this. I feel pretty proud of myself. But stressed. Now where's my Mcdonalds straws....


  1. That's a lot of challenges to keep track of, good luck! Why so many at once? I'm fluent in German if that's useful for practicing..

  2. That is a lot, I know. But to be honest, many of them are like New Year's Eve resolutions. So it's not a problem.

    I picked 12 to go with the whole 121212 challenge. And it makes everything more interesting. I think everyone should challenge themselves frequently.

    And next time, I will respond im Deutsch!